Amiran Dvir In A Animated Music Video About The Israeli/Palestine Conflict “HaChatul V’Ha’Achbar”

by yossi | November 21, 2018 8:48 am

Amiran Dvir:

Sometimes in order to understand complicated situations we need a Mashal, something visual which will illustrate and simplify the problem, thereby enabling us to understand it more deeply. The background of the song “HaChatul V’Ha’Achbar” hides a deep message about our relationship with our Arab neighbors. Sometimes its easier to defeat someone stronger than you than someone weaker than you, because the weaker opponent will garner underdog support. That is the message here in this song and video.

Lyrics and Music: Shmuel Yonah
Adaptation and musical production: Arik Shachar
Directed and edited by: Nadav Nachmani
Animation: Dana Darnov

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