Amichai Subar is The Winner of The ‘Next Voice From Jerusalem’

by yossi | October 4, 2018 7:34 am

At the end of a dramatic and suspenseful season, Amichai Subar won the title “The Voice of Jerusalem” last night at a spectacular event at Binyanei Ha’uma in Jerusalem.

Last night, the final event of the music competition “The Next Voice from Jerusalem” took place at ‘Binyanei Ha’uma’ in Jerusalem, produced by David Fadida and broadcasted live on Kol Chai radio. At the end of a dramatic evening, the program’s director, Menachem Toker, announced Amichai Subar, 39, from Modi’in Illit, as the winner of the prestigious title. Subar, who had already tried his luck in the first season of the next voice, returned again with more experience, and this time took the title. The final that took place yesterday is the end of a long and tense program that included dozens of contestants who tried to win the title. Five of them made it to the finals; Naor Elhadad, Yosef Haim Buskilah, Nachman Goldberg, Efraim Chen and Amichai Subar, who, as stated, left as the great winner.

For about four hours, the contestants stood on the glittering stage at Binyanei Ha’uma, and in front of 3,000 Yeshiva Bochrim and hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners at home, performed the best Jewish music hits in order to prove that they deserved the title. The judges of the competition; Aryeh Broner, Eli Klein, Yitzy Berry, Itzik Dadya and Adi Ran, and London star Shlomie Gertner, who joined them as a guest judge, gave their professional input during the evening, and took part in the vote as well.

Without a doubt, the climax of the event was when Amichai Subar performed Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach‘s ‘Moshe V’Aharon‘, and thousands of Yeshiva Bochrim stood on their feet and sang “Mizmor L’David” accompanied by Maestro Gershon Friestat‘s extended orchestra, which musically produced the final event and the entire program.

The second place went to the young contestant, Yosef Haim Buskilah, who touched the audience with two exciting performances and continued to show his impressive vocal abilities throughout the season. Nachman Goldberg left with the respectable third place, while he was also complimented by the judges of the competition.

In the artistic part of the evening, Chassidic star singer Ohad Moskowitz performed. The highlight of the performance was when thousands of the audience got up and danced under the stage. Ohad introduced songs from his new album ‘B’shaah Tovah‘, which was released last month, for the first time in Israel.

You can watch the entire finale below

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