NEW ALBUM! Highlight of Amram Adar Past Sukot 2017 Israel Tour

by yossi | November 12, 2017 10:51 am

Among the Jewish communities of Latin America, the name Amram Adar is highly recognized, perhaps more than any other Hasidic artist’s name. The top percentile of weddings in the continent, in North America, in Europe as well as in Israel are planned according to his availability and schedule. People outside the prestigious joyous Jewish occasions scene might find this phenomenon difficult to understand, but indeed, in Miami and elsewhere, Adar has been known for a long time and is regarded as a highly sought-after artist for a very certain kind of events—a surprising and amazing phenomenon.

In the past couple of years, Adar has been working on his third album, alongside numerous performances in Jewish occasions and carefully chosen events. In Miami, he has retained two reputed Israeli musicians considered to be the best in their field—Itzik Shamli and Tamir Zur, who have written and recorded with him sacred songs in riveting arrangements. The result: An album packed with hits in a variety of contemporary styles that allows each person to find in it what he most likes to hear.

Just before the album hits the stores, Amram Adar is releasing a catchy song that will keep Haredi and religious radio music program producers and presenters very busy. Unavoidably, general radio’s too. Yehudi Ma’amin (A Believing Jew) is a song that praises the uniqueness of the member of the chosen people in any situation, at any time, and anywhere around the world.

Adar knows how to work a big hit: In his first Album Baruch Hashem! (Thank God!) he included the song Halayla (Tonight), which is still played in the Hasidic music channels and has gained tens of thousands of views and many covers. Three songs from the new album have been released so far: The captivating Rabbi Nachman, the stirring Ein Od Milvado (There is None but Him), and of course the Jewish rendition of the Latin hit Despacito.

The last month of Tishrei was packed with performances for Amram Adar. His concert tour included Admo”r events, Simchat Beit Hashoeva street celebrations, a Chol Hamoed event in Hebron, and more. Adar lit the stages all across Israel, and all his performances were taped and recorded for a spectacular clip that is being edited. Adar performed on stage a taste of his new album’s songs, which won the audience and were given much applause.

“I chose to combine a message of faith and confidence with an optimistic and catchy melody to give a positive perspective on life’s challenges,” says Adar, as he summarizes work on Yehudi Ma’amin, indicating that the accompanying clip will also be realizing the song’s empowering message.

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