Al Levuvechu – Yiddish Nachas & Yanky Green, Motty Ilowitz, Shira, Mendy Herskowitz/Sababa

by yossi | January 5, 2019 9:37 pm

Al Levuvechu, the new hit song that is touching so many hearts and turned out to be an amazing source of inspiration for all, composed by multi-talented Motty Ilowitz on his recently released album “5778” and performed by the talented Yiddish Nachas Live and Child Soloist Yanky Green, accompaniment the Mendy Herskowitz and Sababa Orchestra and The Shira Choir.

Yiddish Nachas live is conducted by its leader and Director Moshy Kraus.

Music and arrangements done by Mendy Herskowitz, performed with the amazing band.

When it comes to such heart-moving songs no one can compete with the pure voices of these sweet children, so when Yiddish Nachas stood up on stage at the Motzei Shabbos Rayim event everyone’s eyes were glued to the stage as the talented kids started singing with Motty, backed up by Shira and Mendy/Sababa. Watch and see for yourself!

Live Production by MK Productions.

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