Akiva Grohman, Malchus Choir & Friends Meet Up Once Again!

by yossi | February 13, 2021 10:34 pm

Remember the clip “Shulem Zucher“? Are you yearning for oldies? Special Shabbos Songs?

After being honored with “The Clip of The Year”, and much after that it’s collection of songs turned into one specific musical piece sung wherever you just walked in at every Simcha & Event, this group decided to continue with another episode in the series of “Yiddish Simches” this time with a “Kiddish” appearance that takes place usually every Shabbos morning in every Shul in every corner of the globe!

And who’s playing the role as ….. ? So here they come. Talented singer Akiva Grohman plays the role as the father of the new baby girl that’s about to get a name at the “Kiddush”, Alongside the Malchus Choir; Areleh Samet and Mendy Weiss; As always, an exciting duet by Meir Adler and Pinchas Bichler, as well as Yoeli Davidovich.

Two musical surprises are for the very first time revealed in the script lines of “Kiddush”, first is the appearance of the new “Malchus child soloist Bentzy Kletzkin“, And then the appearance of “China Dautch” as the Baal Tefilah, that actually is on this position in a big Shul on Yumim Tobin and other Shabbuosim.

Kiddish was filmed in the old Beis Kneses “Ohel Yitzchok” on Baal Hatanya Street, that was built with almost 150 years ago, when the tables are filled with goodies from the best place in Yerushalayim “Berry’s”, well known expensive wine and liquor from “Eli’s Whiski”
The insurance agencies of Mendy Geffner and Shragi Sandrowitz extend their sponsorship with warm greetings for the endearing event.

Concept and Script was done by “Mastratgya” – Pinches Bichler that is also behind of the vocal and choir arrangement.
Video Directed and Edited by Hershy Segal. Filmed by Yosef Shelest. Produced by Yad Rama – Leibi Sharansky.
Business Management and Marketing by Mendi Cimet.

Music Arranged by Benny Laufer
Recorded in M.W. Studios – Michael Weinberger, Taner Studios – Michael Tzi
Mixed by Chaim Moses
Sound by Abraham Rosenfeld
YouTube Writing by Yossi Shick
Digital Marketing in Israel by Avreimi Goldstein
Digital Marketing in USA by
Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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