Now On The Air! Shir HaSimcha By Shuki Salomon & Yishai Lapidot [Official Music Video]

by yossi | August 9, 2020 2:21 pm

Social media star, Shuki Salomon just released a new single called ‘Shir HaSimcha‘, which he is performing in a duet with Yishai Lapidot. As is his usual tradition, the song is accompanied by an amazing music video the likes of has never been seen before in the world of Jewish music. Dozens of actors, camera crews, collectible cars and one Bloomfield Stadium make up the crazy backdrop that creates the video directed by producer Michael Caplin.

Shir HaSimcha was written and composed by Shuki Salomon himself, and to the performance he added the singer and composer, the undisputed star of Jewish music, Yishai Lapidot. The combination of the two created an energetic and special connection that led to a unique result. The reactions on the net following the release of the promo of the clip indicate an extraordinary hit that is going to accompany us for a long time to come.

Like Salomon‘s previous songs, ‘Ach’Sheli Yehudi‘, ‘Mizmor Lesoida‘ which have received unprecedented circulation throughout the Jewish world, ‘Shir HaSimcha‘ is also expected to break the glass ceiling, of course with the help of tens of thousands of Shuki‘s followers on social media. “My whole purpose in the songs I release is to convey positive messages to the public,” says Shuki Salomon. “If it’s free love, Lashon Hara Lo Medaber Eilay, a song of gratitude, joy and more. To hear Jews sing the songs all over the world is the thing that makes me happier than anything.”

David Fadida, the personal manager of Shuki Salomon, notes the exciting collaboration with his former partner Yishai Lapidot. “Just to return to a joint project with Yishai, the whole production was worth it,” Fadida adds with humor. “The song of joy is going to be the hit of the summer and the energies of Yishai and Shuki will throw the song far beyond what we know. Worth following.’

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