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A Cappela Single from Shua Kessin!!

A Cappela Single from Shua Kessin!!

Shua Kessin is a name you’d might have been hearing more of lately, and for good reason. Shua has recently become a huge name on both the Kumzits and wedding scene. He is currently finshing to record his debut album, “LO LIHITYAISH” which will be ready at the end of the Summer. This debut album is produced by Ozer Babad, and will feature songs composed by Shua himself.

We wanted you to get a small taste of what Shua has to offer, and so we present to you an A Cappela version of Nishmas. This is a song that Shua composed and will also be featured on his upcoming album.

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Here is a small description of the song by Shua.

“We say Nishmas every Shabbos. I was recently talking to a friend who has been going through some terrible Tzoras. Whenever I ask him how he is doing he always makes a point in saying “Baruch Hashem!”   I asked him what he thinks the meaning of Nishmas is and he told me, without any hesitation, “We aren’t expressing our thanks for the extras in life like a nice house, or a nice car…we are simply thanking hashem for the basics. The fact that we wake up every morning and we breathe, we smile, we eat, we are healthy.”

That’s a special thought and the message is simple. Hashem is always there for us making sure we have everything we need to survive, even with all the trouble facing us in todays tough Matzav. Hashem is always there for us, and for that we sing, Nishmas Kol Chai.”

Please enjoy this A Cappela single, Nishmas, from the upcoming album, “LO LIHITYAISH” -  due this Elul!

This is only an A Cappela version of the song. The song, along with the rest of the album, will contain full musical arrangements.

Song Credits-
Produced by: Ozer Babad
Composed and sung by: Shua Kessin.
Choirs by: Shira Choir conducted by Zevi Fried (Recorded at Neumann Media, Brooklyn, NY)
Vocals recorded at: Berry Studio, Brooklyn, N.Y. By Nir Graff
Mixed by: Zohar “Baba” Borger
Single Cover Art by: Sruly Meyer (

It’s a free download, please feel free to pass it around, and of course visit my website ( for more updates, pictures, and videos.

Please also feel free to follow Shua on Twitter at

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 July, 2009, 19:23

    The chorus of this song is nearly identical to another (Jewish) song that came out years ago…

  2. good stuff
    good stuff 11 July, 2009, 22:47

    your obviously tone deaf or clean your ears
    this is a original quality song
    unlike the garbage you hear today
    shua keep it coming
    and thanks

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 July, 2009, 14:45

    I’m actually quite musical, and I say that in the least arrogant way possible; I also have perfect pitch, incidentally, so you would be mistaken. Listen to the chorus of The Rabbi’s Sons song “Umacha” and then listen to the chorus on this song, they’re nearly identical. Not only that, it sounds quite similar to another song too. Nobody remarked on the quality, and it’s nice that you think that it’s good quality, but that doesn’t deviate from the fact that the chorus is unoriginal.

  4. music for the soul
    music for the soul 16 July, 2009, 11:31

    the high part is not identical to umacha from the rabbi sons it is the high part exactly!! lets be original please!

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