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Yaakov Markowitz With A New Single “Mimkomcha”

Yaakov Markowitz With A New Single “Mimkomcha”

Catch this new riveting cover by Yaakov Markowitz as this timeless tune is meshed with the holy words of Mimkomcha for the first time on record!

Produced by Hillel Kapnick
Recorded at UpTop Studios
Mixing and Arrangements by Hillel Kapnick
Backing vocals by Yaakov Markowitz and Hillel Kapnick

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LYRICS (Transliterated)
Mimkomcha malkeinu sofia
V’simloch aleinu, ki mechakim anachnu lach
Masai timloch b’tziyon
B’karov b’yameinu l’olam va’ed tishkon
Tisgadel v’tiskadesh b’soch yerushalayim ircha
L’dor vador u’linetzach netzachim
V’eneinu sirenah malchusecha
Kadovor ha’amur b’shirei uzecha

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