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Sruly Lipschitz Releases A New Single For Chodesh Adar “Tzeedrait”

Singer and composer Sruly Lipschitz just released a new single in honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar 1. The song titled “Tzeedrait” talks about the colors of thread used in the Mishkan and all of the colors (Techeiles Argomon etc.) were

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Chilu Genuth – Ich Kum Shoin Aheim

Composed by Motty Ilowitz Music by Sruli Lipschitz Mixed by Udi Damari Lyrics: דער טאטע איז אפגעשוואכט ס׳איז טינקל ווי דער נאכט דאס קינד זאגט, שמועסן מיט דיר איך טו איך שטיי דא ביי דיין בעט און צו דיר איך

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Gershy Schwarcz Presents: Meilech Kohn – Yeder Einer [Audio Peview]

Meilech Kohn has been one of the most popular Jewish Music personalities to emerge as of late. The time has finally arrived to showcase his diverse collection of art, compiled in one of the greatest albums of the 21st century.

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