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Simche Friedman Releases New Single “Od Yavo Hayom”

Chasidic singer Simche Friedman is launching a new single, seventh in number, off his forthcoming debut album. The single’s name is “Od Yavo Hayom“, and it not only deals with the expectation of the coming of Moshiach, but also conveys

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Choni Grunblatt – Od Yavo Hayom Album Preview

Enjoy a preview to Od Yavo Hayom the new debut album from singer Choni Grunblatt. Available for download on Tuesday May 26, 2015 at, iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Album distribution by MRM Music. Produced by Guillermo de Medio. After

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Choni Grunblatt Releases Second Original Single

Od Yavo Hayom comes as Choni‘s second original single, which he himself composed. Staying true to his passion and selected genre of music, he brings this masterpiece to you. “It is very special to me how all the sounds came

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