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Mati Shriki – Pardes [Lyric Video]

After his previous single and the impressive clip Machar that was well-received on the radio, Mati Shriki is releasing another single from his second album that he is working on, called Pardes. This single was produced with producer Noam Akravi,

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The New Single & Music Video From The Alps – Mati Shriki “Machar”

Mati Shriki is continuing with his musical career after the success of his first debut album. He has already released a single from his upcoming second album, which was very successful, and is now releasing the next single, called Machar.

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Mati Shriki “Shaar Hamizrach” [Official Music Video]

Mati Shriki has already released two singles off his highly anticipated third album, and now he is releasing his third one called Shaar Ha’Mizrach. It was composed and written by Mati himself, and arranged and produced by Nadav Bitton.

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A New Single For Mati Shriki “Im”

While hard at work on his third album, Mati Shriki is releasing a new single called “Im“. Mati wrote and composed the song himself, which was produced and arranged by Noam Akrabi and Mati.

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Mati Shriki With A New Single “Mistater”

Since his debut album was released 3 years ago, singer Mati Shriki has managed to captivate hundreds of audiences in his concerts throughout Israel and beyond. His new single, Mistater, which he wrote and composed himself, was arranged and produced

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Lyrical Video For “Shuv Toda” From Mati Shriki Off His Album “Ohr Chadash”

Mati Shriki is now releasing his 4th single from his upcoming album called Shuv Todah. Lyrics and composition: Motti Shriki Drums: Avi Avidani Guitars: Amit Yitzchak and Adi Chait Flutes: Barak Bochnik Violin: Alexandra Danisov Bass, Technos, and Musical Production:

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Mati Shriki Releases His Debut Single “Ohr Chadash”

The first single that Mati Shriki, a 30 year old singer/keyboardist from Israel, is releasing to the public is called “Ohr Chadash“, which represents for him a longing for Yerushalayim, as well as a great love for its ancient nooks

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