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Dirshu Kollel and Moshe Laufer present: “Hoyu Nechonim” a Musical Album in Honor of the Siyum Hashas

Dirshu kollel is the world’s largest organization with over one hundred thousand men are tested weekly throughout the world on Shas. Some of their programs include “Kinyan Shas”: goal achieving proficiency in the Talmuid Bavli. “Limud Halacha”: with Mishna Berura

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Isaac Honig sings at a Chupah

Isaac Honig sings at a Chupah with Mezamrim Choir at a Wedding in Ateres Chaya Hall in Boro Park November 2010.

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A Wedding of Talent – Isaac Honig and Shloime Taussig 1

In this inspiring clip, gifted singers Isaac Honig and Shloime Taussig unite in a soulful and heartfelt duet, a beautiful composition by the world famous Yossi Green. The precision and beauty of the Freilach Orchestra serve as the perfect backdrop

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Isaac Honig – Kanei

Isaac Honig sings Kanei by Yossi Green off the album “The 8th Note” at a Wedding in Boro Park Song composed by Yossi Green Yanky Briskman At the Keyboard.

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