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Sruly Lipschitz – Hayom [Official Music Video]

Sruly Lipschitz – Hayom [Official Music Video]

“היום בו נולדת, הוא היום בו החליט הקב”ה שהעולם אינו יכול להתקיים מבלעדיך”
“The day that you were born,is the day that He decided,that the world cannot exist without you”

Produced by Avrum Mordeche Schwartz
Composed and music by Sruly Lipschitz
Lyrics by R’ Nachmen Breslov
Recorded and mixed by Udi Damari
Guitars by Shimon Yichye
Bass by Avi Yifrach

Meir Rosinger
Dudi and Ushi Tessler
Yitzchok Karpen
Motti Feldman
Yossi Halbershtam
Moishe Schwartz
Isaac Bernath
R’ Yitzchok Yaakov Gelb
Shimmy Zlotnik
Pinchus Raab PR Marketing Group
Lipa Brach
Yossy Tennenhaus
Avrumy Weiss
Menachem Shtesel
Chaim Oppenheim
Yoely Oppenheim
Meir Ungar
Chesky Hershkovitz
Shlomy Goldman
Avromy Goldenberg
Yanky Bittman
Gedalye Weiser
Mendy Reizman
Shmiel Doved Chatzkelson
Chaim Yidel Cheimovich
Zishe Surkis

Filmed by Sruly Saftlas and Munch
Edited by Studio On Dot
Lighting by Gedalia Weiser GW Lighting

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