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Sruli & Netanel – Abba \\ Avraham Fried Cover (Official Music Video)

Sruli & Netanel – Abba \\ Avraham Fried Cover (Official Music Video)

Sruli & Netanel have already taught us that you never know what to expect, and what an intriguing twist their next hit will bring. And again, they are not disappointing.

In their new single, they perform a cover version of the Avraham Fried and Ari Hill hit single “Abba,” but as usual, they transform it from a slow and calm ballad, into a bouncy and exciting hit at the same time.

Where’s the big surprise here? You ask.
Well, half of the song’s refinements have been a quick translation from Hebrew to curling Arabic that gracefully connects the “Melech Ha’Olam” vocals to the “Tata” cry’s.

“For some reason in the ultra-Orthodox sector, there are countless songs in Yiddish – the Ashkenazi mother tongue” explains the duo. “But the eastern equivalent, does not really get a similar representation, and it’s a shame. We are all brothers of the same father, and our skin or witness color has no meaning to the Holy One. So we decided, that we must bring this combination to our listeners … as the song says: Melech Ha’Olam!”

The rhythmic single is accompanied by a colorful and summery video taken between Jerusalem’s population and the synagogue’s sacred atmosphere, the place of prayer and every Jewish prayer.

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