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Singer & Composer Amiran Dvir Opens The Summer With A New Single “Birchas Ha’Av” Written On The Occasion of His Son’s Bar Mitzvah

Singer & Composer Amiran Dvir Opens The Summer With A New Single “Birchas Ha’Av” Written On The Occasion of His Son’s Bar Mitzvah

When my youngest son Yonatan became a Bar Mitzvah and we were in the middle of all of the preparations, I called him over to talk to him for a minute and explained to him that I have something important to tell him. “Look Yonatan,” I said, “everything that we are working on in preparation for your Bar Mitzvah like the hall, the decorations, how many people are coming and who exactly they are, band and singer etc. is all relatively important but really they are not. You can get along fine in life without these things too. What is important though is your character and your connection to Hashem, that you should be involved in Mitzvos, have Yiras Shamayim, your hands and feet should run to spiritual and holy matters between your daily activities, and if you succeed to hold onto these, you will definitely have a good and happy life. When you will be Bar Mitzvah and enjoying all of the beauty around you, do not forget that all of these things are temporary, and will be gone immediately once the party is over. However, the spiritual content of your Bar Mitzvah will accompany you for the rest of your life.”
Yonatan’s facial expression showed me that he understood and internalized what I said.

I therefore dedicate this song Birchas Ha’Av to everyone who is celebrating a Bar Mitzvah – This message is for you too!

Love, Amiran

Composition: Amiran Dvir
Musical Arrangement and Production: Sruli Broncher
Guitars: Yair Michael
Sounds: Yonatan LeBron
Mix and Mastering: Sruli Broncher
Recorded at Tenor Studios – Michael Z.
Photo: Jonathan Halperin

פיך ידבר חכמות ולבך יהגה אימות
ידיך יהיו עוסקות במצוות עוסקות במצוות
רגליך ירוצו לעשות רצון אביך שבשמים
ויהי רצון מלפני אבינו שבשמים
שיתן בלבך אהבתו ויראתו
ותהא יראת השם על פניך כל ימי חייך

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