Simche Friedman – Lo Lefached [Official Music Video]

by yossi | August 13, 2019 5:53 pm

After months of hard work, chasidic singer Simcha Friedman is finally ready to release his new single “Lo Lefached!” This is the sixth single since Simcha released his debut hit “Bekarov” which now stands at close to 3 million YouTube views, and music fans are saying that this new song will be even MORE successful!

Simcha Friedman is well-known to the public for “not being afraid” to take new directions, diverse styles and different genres that create a lot of interest in the chasidic music of our time. So is the new song, with the words of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov “כל העולם כולו גשר צר והעיקר לא לפחד כלל – The whole world is a narrow bridge and the main thing not to be afraid at all”, which receives an up-to-date and particularly springy twist of 2019 like having old wine in a new and modern jug!

Along with the song, Friedman released a unique and facinating music video, featuring a few parkour artists. Parkour is an alias for challenging sports, also known as Free Running, whose main purpose is to get from one point to the other in the fastest possible way, while overcoming obstacles that are on the way. “Chasidism teaches us that anything can be learned or taken in the work of G-d,” Simcha Friedman tells us. “That is why in this special video we have also integrated different messages that can be learned from the same athletes. What is the message?

The clip was filmed in a spectacular bridge that hangs in Nesher Park, Beit She’an’s Old National Park, Jaffa Port, and is responsible for the production, script and directing of talented artist and musician Sruli Broncher.

The lyrics and compositions were created by Yaakov Menashe, and the musical production is created by Doron Elimelech, who produced under his hands a blast, energetic and full groove.

This summer’s mega hit is already here. All you have to do is press the power button, put on a volume, and start dancing!

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