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“Shema Koleinu” Yuval Sela prayer for the High Holidays

“Shema Koleinu” Yuval Sela prayer for the High Holidays

Yuval Sela is a musician at heart and has been a baal tshuva for about the last 10 years. In recent years he makes a living teaching music, harmony, theory and guitar. Yuval has been a composer for as long as he remembers and writes all the time. In time, he composed two songs from the album of Ariel brothers (sons of Meir Ariel) and wrote a song the singer’s second album Moshe Levy.

Yuval is currently finishing work on his debut album, produced independently, when the works were made in collaboration with musician Ariel Abizub, is also responsible for musical arrangements and production. The songs talk about unity, reconciliation, and overall longing for the Divine Presence Holy praised blessed God.

“I hope and believe that with the name of my poems cross borders and be a bridge between secular and religious. I could see it also shows when a crowd of religious and secular, and I was very pleased” – Festschrift.

Shema Koleinu‘ – is a harbinger of whats to come on the album. The words are from the slichos of the Yom Kippur prayers. A few years ago Yuval had the opportunity to pray on Yom Kippur with Rabbi Tzion zt”l, he was zoche to be mekarev through seeing some of the rebbe’s work and devotion of his soul. Motzei Yom Kippur he went home, pulled out a guitar, and this is the song that was created.

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Yuval Sela

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  1. Michal Levi (aka Farchi)
    Michal Levi (aka Farchi) 19 August, 2010, 05:42

    Hi Yuval, I was browsing through people from my past and found you. Was quite amased to find you here, what a TRANSFORMATION by all means. I truly enjoyed listening to you singing, you always had a good voice.
    I am living in NZ, and missing Israel like crazy, but for now have to stay here. All the best to you and your family. Michal, ex kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch, remember?

  2. Michal Levi
    Michal Levi 19 August, 2010, 05:53

    Hi Yuval,
    Good to hear you are still singing after all those years. Keep on making people feel good. I always thought that you had a real talent. Writing to you from New Zealand, missing Israel a lot, but for now have to stay here. All the best to you and your family.
    Michal, ex kibbuz Ma’ayan Baruch.

  3. Michal Levi
    Michal Levi 19 August, 2010, 05:54

    Good voice, a blast from the past.

    Michal, ex kibbutz Ma’ ayan Baruch.

  4. Jewish-Israeli
    Jewish-Israeli 23 August, 2010, 16:33

    Great song by amazing Jewish-Israeli Rock Musician

    Keep going with your work and have a good luck Yuval Sela!!!

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