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“Pikudei Hashem” Avraham Fried Breathes New Life Into An Old Hit

“Pikudei Hashem” Avraham Fried Breathes New Life Into An Old Hit

What was the reason for re-releasing this song right now?

It all began a few days after Simchas Torah. One of the climaxes of spiritual elation and suddenly we go back to the mundane , the days of routine, it was then, that a clip sent to Avraham Fried allowed him to rejoice in pure and genuine joy, the joy of the Torah.

The sender sent the following message with the clip: “Avraham Shalom, you have to watch the video clip that was uploaded by Yedidya Meir and Sabar. In just a few hours, it has already accumulated thousands of views and hundreds of shares.

Avremel watched and was very moved by the great joy and began to remember the tune of the song he recorded almost 40 years ago.

So in honor of Shabbos Shira, Avraham Fried am happy to share with you a new performance of his together with the “Malchut” choir for a song that will help you dance your troubles away.

Turn up the volume and start dancing!

Pikudei Hashem
Composed by: Moshe Laufer
Musical Arrangement & Production: Yuval Stupel

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