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New Music Video From Mitzvah Boulevard Live!

New Music Video From Mitzvah Boulevard Live!

Ever wish you could visit Mitzvah Boulevard?

Introducing Mitzvah Boulevard Live!, a fun-filled show of clapping, dancing, and singing based upon the Mitzvah Boulevard DVDs that kids know and love.

Whether you are new to Mitzvah Boulevard or have watched the Mitzvah Boulevard DVDs time and time again, Mitzvah Boulevard LIVE! will surely surprise and delight you with fantastic backgrounds, super-cool lighting, jumbo props, and creative sound effects. Guaranteed to keep the whole crowd enthralled, we have prepared the very best interactive show in Jewish entertainment! Together, you will watch, spellbound, as the Mitzva Boulevard characters entertain you on stage.

Each performance can be tailored to your community, school, organization or even your family! Our block-buster Mitzvah Boulevard extravaganza features up to 45 minutes of fun and excitement for the entire family! Mitzvah-themed performances that promote Aleph Beis, Nekudos, Ahavas Yisroel, Shabbos, Tzedakah, Brachos and much more!

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