Meir Ben Dror – Vehi Sheomda

by yossi | April 18, 2019 8:55 am

Singer and composer Meir Ben Dror (34) has been living and breathing the music world since he was young. That’s how it is, when a hobby becomes the reality of life. In fact, there is no song or album that he has not known in the past 30 years and as such, it was natural to adopt the practice of music as a way of life. For more than a decade, Ben Dror has been involved in music, writing melodies, appearing at every opportunity and performing humorous parodies as he brings hits from the general genre. These versions won the audience’s popularity and became viral in no time.

For the past eight years, Ben Dror has been honing his musical skills at the Mizmor School in Givat Washington, where he graduated with honors in music studies while playing keyboard and guitar. Along with his musical education and towards the launch of his personal career, Ben Dror also completed professional voice development studies. Now, he is more than willing to attack the genre of chassidic and Jewish music, bringing original melodies and uncompromising musical professionalism.

His solo single defies two or three melodies of “Vehi Sheomda” familiar to all of us. In his first single – and she was standing, he presents a high vocal and harmonious ability, excellent musical arrangement and a promise to join the melody shelf to the familiar and well-known Seder night songs.

Vehi Sheomda,” provides a window for an intriguing debut album that is due to be released soon. The melody of words that are always practical, Ben-Dror wrote 15 years ago. And Meir’s new “Vehi Sheomda” may become the hit of the Pasach Seder tables in the homes of Israel, you will start humming it from now on.

Happy holiday!

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