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Meilech Singer – Ich Dank Dir Hashem #ThankYouHashem

Meilech Singer – Ich Dank Dir Hashem #ThankYouHashem

Dovid Hamelech (King David) says in Tehilim, הודו לה’ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו Praise Hashem (God) because He is good and His kindness is forever. We are obligated to spread Hashem’s (God’s) name and tell the world about His miracles every day.

Whenever you want to connect to Hashem, you can do so with gratitude! Thanking Hashem for the seemingly bad or good, will strengthen your Emunah (Belief) and change your life for the good forever! When Hashem sees that a person is grateful for every situation (even those that don’t look good in his eyes) Hashem says, “I will show you what good really is so you can thank me even more”! It then opens up a different and higher pipeline filled with an abundance of Hashpuos, miracles for himself and all of mankind.

This uplifting and amazing masterpiece, was written, composed and sung by the incredible Singer, “Meilech Singer”, with hope to bring this moving composition to people’s everyday life, Simchos, and Kumzitzin, throughout the world. Sing along and start thanking Hashem (God), Enjoy a better life experience and share with others.

Music Arranged By: Efraim Markowitz
Choir Arranged By: Chaim Meir Fligman
Composed And Sung By: Meilech Singer
Studio Recording By: Tenor Studio
Child Soloist: Yanky Singer
Choir: David Taub, Sinai Barmats, Gil Israelov
Lyrics by: Meilech Singer / Yoely Weberman
English Lyrics: Eliezer Guterman
Cover Design By: Benzion Gutter

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