Levy Falkowitz , The “Fire” Band & “Neshuma” Choir In A Delightful Medley

by yossi | September 3, 2019 1:55 pm

“Shema Yisrael” – The Jewish words, which symbolize the eternal belief, are given a new expression in a magical musical medley.

The unique voice of the vocalist Levy Falkowitz from the United States, together with the great vocals of the neshuma choir conducted by Itzik Filmer, with a perfect arrangement by the “Fire band” conducted by Yanky Landau. Upgrading the exciting classic with the best hits, create a magical harmony.

Song Medleys: Shema Israel – Rabbi Jeremy Daman, veshenanatam – Mona Rosenblum, vehoyu hadvorim – Motti Illowitz, vehoyu hadvorim – Benny Friedman, besuivtecho – Yossi Green & Shloimi Gartner.

Video: Isaac Hellman | Edit: Hershey Staff / Hershey | Keyboards and Music Management: Yanky Landau | Voice arrangement : Itzik Filmer | Drums: Avi Mizrahi | Guitar: Jonathan Porat | Wind Instruments: Oren Ben Avi, Grisha Zruchowitz, Vitali | Violins: The Bnei Brak Philharmonic |
Sound: Eli Rabbi | Mix: Yaniv Ballas | Project Management: Avriimi Goldstein | Initiation and Production Levy Falkowitz: Moshi Bichler | Levy Falkowitz : Shlomi Wurtsberger PR: Avriimi Goldstein | Artist Representation: Fire & neshuma • Netta Levin -0548454159 |

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