All The Latest Chassidic Hits In One Clip – FDD Vocal

by yossi | July 18, 2018 5:44 am

FDD Vocal ensemble in a special Chassidic medley including the best recent hits in an acapella performance conducted by Natanel Ben Giat.

FDD Vocal ensemble present a brand new video clip of their acapella performances, this time a Chassidic medley including the best hits of our time, from the giants of Chassidic singers in a new and refreshing production – acapella. Vocal arrangement by Natanel Ben Giat, musical director of the group.

These days, The Vocal‘s are busy rehearsing for their summer tour. The tour will include accompanying of well-known Jewish singers and solo performances in Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. And of course, in between rehearsing and performing, The Vocal’s participate in Shabbats Simcha, where they are responsible for various musical aspects, from Davening, Zmirot, Piyyutim and special Oneg Shabbat.

“In the past year, since the ensemble was established, we saw a huge demand from Jewish communities around the world, asking to connect Jewish music to audiences who might be far from Torah and Mitzvot”, shares David Fadida, producer. “This medley is just part of series of performances based on selected passages in Jewish music, combined with up-to-date pop hits and familiar Piyyutim from Sephardic Communities.

The goal is to present songs that have a “heavy” reputation in a light and fun way. I have to compliment all of the members of the ensemble on their amazing musical work and b”h we witness great success with their performances. They create real interest in communities around the world and the media is sympathizing as well. Be’ezrat hashem soon we will release more new clips and many special surprises”

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