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Thanks to Karlin: Yoeli Klein and Shaya Gross “Mizmor L’soida” in the melody of Karlin

Thanks to Karlin: Yoeli Klein and Shaya Gross “Mizmor L’soida” in the melody of Karlin

As always it comes to the occasion of joy and this time on the occasion of the wedding of the son of Yosef Nathan Rosenberger. Yoeli Klein and Shaya Gross are working on the sweeping melody of the Karlin chassidim in a musical adaptation and production by Yanki Cohen with the lyrics from perek ches in Tehillim “Mizmor L’soida.”

“מזמור לתודה הוא פרק מיוחד שכל עניינו הוא הודאה לקב”ה, על נפלאותיו שבכל יום עמנו” says Klein. “There are great miracles and kindnesses that the Holy One, blessed be He, practice with us every day. “He said. It should be noted that the psalm is also published as a gift for easy birth and the Klein/Gross couple wishes to dedicate the poem to the healing of Chaim Eliezer ben Esther and Yochanan ben Yehudit in the merit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak son of Sarah Shasha and Rabbi Yishai son of Moshe.

Klein and Gross released a large number of hits together, but their most famous song hands down is “V’afilu B’hastara“, which has spawned hundreds of cover versions and starred in media around the world.

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