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Joey Newcomb – Di Krach Fun De Pickle (Unofficial Release)

Joey Newcomb – Di Krach Fun De Pickle  (Unofficial Release)

In response to the recent craze of the krach fun de pickle, it came to mind that nothing happens for no reason, and I thought of the potential deep message that lies within. There are so many little details that we may forget to thank Hashem for, where in truth all those details are really an extra kiss that might not have been necessary. For example, the crunch of the pickle, or the taste of an apple, or the beauty of a sunset. Hashem could have just created a mushy pickle, or a tasteless apple, but he gave it those extra little details as a kiss.

This song was composed as a last minute inspiration so if you have what to add, please do!

Joey Newcomb

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    Major Kracher 8 April, 2019, 21:09

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