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Introducing: Aharon Wyne With His Debut Single “I’ll Try”

Introducing: Aharon Wyne With His Debut Single “I’ll Try”

Introducing, newcomer Aharon Wyne, a twenty one year old from Las Vegas, NV. He is pursuing his dream of being an inspirational and unique Jewish singer and songwriter by making songs that are uplifting which will bring people closer to Hashem.

The inspiration and meaning behind his debut single titled “I’ll Try,” is that every person has a missing piece in there life that is holding them back from being the greatest version of themselves that they can be. Whether that is a closer connection with Hashem, a dream they need to chase, or whatever that missing piece is to the person listening. The goal of this song is to inspire the listener to commit to trying their hardest for their entire lives and do whatever it takes to find this missing piece and become the greatest version of themselves.

Produced by Yosef Brown
Lyrics and music written by Aharon Wyne

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  1. MicheleShahar
    MicheleShahar 8 January, 2019, 20:23

    Great Job Aaron!!! Very impressed!!!!

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