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These talented guys from Toronto released this album 2 months ago and it was getting rave reviews. After speaking to one of the members I got them to re mix this song as a accapella song special free download for sfira. So please listen, enjoy, download and make sure to pass it along. Click HERE to download.

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  1. yoni sterns #1 fan
    yoni sterns #1 fan 21 April, 2009, 19:06

    Yoni stern (child soloist) is not not normal i have never heard such a rich,beautiful voice like his i believe he will be a big star when he grows up.!!!!!Yoni when are you coming out with your debut album i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  2. ???
    ??? 22 April, 2009, 22:39

    i think that shalsheles wants the kid for shalsheles jr 2

  3. Toronto
    Toronto 26 April, 2009, 16:08

    He is unbelievable. You should hear him live!

  4. aviva
    aviva 26 April, 2009, 16:14

    awesome song awesome voice. wow wow. go yoni

  5. aviva
    aviva 26 April, 2009, 19:47

    wow wow wow. amazing. awesome

  6. Shlomo
    Shlomo 4 May, 2009, 19:37

    What a beautiful song; really inspiring. Is the rest of their CD this good? Is the music good, or are they only good for a ccappella?

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