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Chazan Chaim Adler & Son Yisrael Adler – Geit a Yid

Chazan Chaim Adler & Son Yisrael Adler – Geit a Yid

Powerful father-and-son duet

A surprise awaited the guests of the exclusive Yeshivas Mir Dinner at Avenue Congress hall in Airport city this June. In the middle of the superb musical production conducted by the famed and talented singer Yisrael Adler, accompanied by Yoeli Dickman‘s orchestra and Pinchas Bichler‘s Malchus choir, Yisrael Adler invited his father, the illustrious Chazan Chaim Adler, to join him on stage for a father-and-son duet.

Following son Yisrael’s grand invitation and a deafening applause, chazan Chaim Adler ascended the stage, and shoulder-to-shoulder, father and son performed an exceptional rendition of a stirring song set to the words of Rabi Nechunia ben Kana: “She’samta chelkeinu miyoshvei beis hamidrash v’lo samta chelkeinu miyoshvei kranos…anu ratzim v’heim ratzim—[Thank you] for making our share among those who sit in the beis midrash, and that you did not make our share among those who sit in idleness…we run and they run.” This speaks of the contrast and the privilege of the Jew on his way to beis midrash to learn a mishnah, daven, and answer to Kedushah and Barchu.

Father and son then segued into Chazan Mordechai Hirshman‘s composition on the words “Eilu Devarim she’ein lahem shiur…v’talmud Torah k’neged kulam,” blending into the theme of the value of a Yid and honor for the Torah scholars of the yeshivah.

Geit A Yid
Chazan Chaim Adler and son Yisrael Adler
Yoeli Dickman and orchestra
Malchus Choir conducted by Pinchas Bichler
Photography: Dima
Editing: Hershy’s
Production: Fleishman Peles Productions
Avenue Congress Hall, Airport City
Yeshivas Mir Dinner

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