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Aaron Razel “Rachamim Nisan”

Aaron Razel “Rachamim Nisan”

Behind the third single of the new album lies a moving and sad story, inspiring thoughts and memories, a personal story of Aaron who has been with him for years.

His family lived in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, and as a child, the neighborhood provided an extensive platform for stories, stories and memories. He and his friends prayed in the synagogues of the Kurdish and Syriac Jews. “As children,” recalls Aaron, “we were full of curiosity from those old people in synagogues who were slightly different from the others, such outsiders.”

They did not serve as clans or community leaders, were quiet, sometimes neglected and a little abandoned. “We did not know their history, if they have a family, why do their grandchildren never come to them at the end of the prayer and why their clothes are ragged and they keep the coins for charity, in an old bag of chocolate …” At the end of the prayer, they would go out first and disappear into one of the alleys, taking with them our questions and their secrets to the darkness …

One of them was Rachamim Nisan.

Aaron: “Rachamim did not speak much, but his strength was in his mouth and in his strong, penetrating voice.” When he was honored to sing certain passage from the prayer, he empowered them all. Comes with my Walkman and records it curling and flipping and he was happy … ”

His childhood in Nachlaot remained a sweet memory, but one day, when he came to visit his childhood neighborhood, he saw a mourning notice with the name of Rachamim Nisan on it. “I did not expect this name to really get me in a state of vibration … I knew he had almost no relatives at the funeral right now … I wanted to tell them about my memories, about the relationship My special’ness with him and the melodies he taught me … ” In the evening Aaron sat down before my notebook and wrote and wrote, and thus the fourth single was heard – Rachamim Nisan.

Aaron Razel is one of the most prolific and unique composers and musicians in Jewish music. He is currently on the way to completing his twelfth album, the first produced by Eyal Mazig. Razel‘s musical style is a mixture of blues, jazz, rock and lots of soul. He draws the inspiration for writing from Jewish sources, from his life and from his surroundings, personal writing that tries and succeeds in expressing what is in his heart in everything related to faith and the essence of life.

Aaron offers his 12th album “Haneshama Rotzeh Yoter” for his supporters through a mass funding campaign, as in the previous albums. This is an excellent opportunity to express support for Jewish creativity.

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